Monday, March 14, 2011

Reading and Sharing!

The Hicks' are big readers and have many opinions about what they have read, I thought this blog would be fun for us all to get to see each others views on what is being said in each book. I think it will great to have one person per month pick the book he or she would like read. Then once a week get on blog and share what we think of the book and give feed back to each other. I am open to any other suggestions one may have, please feel free to let me know. :)
Also remember to use for finding very inexpensive books and if anyone finds a good price on the book we have chosen to read, please let us all know where to buy, as well as use the library.
I have enjoyed sharing books with my family and loved the difference they read than what I did and went back and read again to see what they were seeing. It is interesting indeed!
So I hope you will all join in with me and follow this blog and give some new insight to words written in a book!
Happy reading, come join the fun!